Germinare is an Education Foundation that has grown thanks to the support of companies, organizations and individuals. From an inspiring idea, Germinare Foundation has become an integral and dynamic program thanks to people like you. Your individual or corporate contribution allows us to develop the "Agents for Change" and "Alumni Network" Programmes. We invite you to join us so that more kids can have access to a high-quality education and have a better future.



Sponsorship: Covers the child's educational expenses during the high school years. Therefore, sponsorship entails providing a fixed sum of money a year, allowing to pay for most of the expenses related to transportation needs, uniforms and study materials, tutorships and psychological support for each child during their school years.

It is a commitment that is renewed annually throughout high school in the new school.

Sponsorship may be exercised by one person or may be corporate. In this case the company decides how many students it wants to have and designates who in the company will play the role of Sponsors.CONTACT

Collaboration with the Programs: With your contribution you can help strengthen and expand Germinare's Programmes. The donation will go to the different stages of the Programmes (Selection, Leveling, Workshops, International Exams, Study Trips, Red Alumni Stipends).CONTACT

Institutional Donation: Can be done only once or periodically.CONTACT

Germinare's Friendship: They are monthly donations that can start from U$S100, and can be done online with a credit card (VISA or AMEX).

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To receive more information about ways to collaborate please contact: or